Fast, nimble, fun and zero-emission

QVe is

Fast, nimble, fun and zero-emission.

The electric revolution in the world of three- wheelers is born from the collaboration with the Californian Zero Motorcycles, creating a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Key features:
• Powerful 34 kW motor and 106 Nm torque
• 110 Km range
• Reverse gear and regenerative braking
• Electronic HTS™ (Hydraulic Tilting System)

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Unique Technology

The electronic HTS™ (Hydraulic Tilting System), E-HTS™, ensures safe and stable driving dynamics even in the worst road and weather conditions.

It acts simultaneously on the front wheels, allowing precise entries in curves, stable traveling and smooth exits. xQooder is always in balance, even at low speeds or when coming to a stop, precluding the need to place your feet on the ground.

With the electronic version of the Hydraulic Tilting System, an electronic tilting block is available and activated by a single simple handlebar button.



Outros Modelos

Quadro Vehicles S.A. é uma companhia suíça criada com o objetivo de desenvolver veículos inclináveis  compactos de três e quatro rodas. Oferecendo um nível único e superior de segurança, conforto e diversão.Todos os veículos produzidos pela QUADRO são equipados com a avançada tecnologia HTS Hydraulic Tilting System™.